Monday, 25 July 2011

In light of my fast approaching final year (oh heavens) I feel it's probably wise to start making a more substantial effort. Not that I haven't been making an effort, I have, but it's not been what it could be. So I'm going to draw a line under all of the work that I've done over the past two years, (which inevitably I can hardly stand to look at now) and start AFRESH. I have made a list of things that my starting afresh plan will include:

1. Make something every week, be it; a drawing, a painting, some curtains, a book, a critter. (I have lots of little ideas that have been waiting to be attempted for far too long!).
2. Publish one blog post per week, minimum.
3. Learn something new every week. This week I'm going to learn how to use my Wacom tablet! (When it arrives that is).

I hope that all of this motivation lasts longer than a day.